One month out….47 pounds down….

Posted on Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 at 10:08 am

I’m about to go to bed for the day but before I do I wanted to push an update about my one month checkup.

So far so good, as I’ve been quite lucky having not had any vomiting from my surgery and been able to tolerate everything I’ve eaten so far…and even better news is that I’m down to 430 pounds meaning I’ve lost a staggering 122 pounds since October and over 40 pounds since the first of the month.

I also stopped by the Research Center at Vanderbilt Medical Center to say hello to Pam and Emily who were (along with a few others) the very nice people who conducted the research study I mentioned previously that I’d been a part of. I’ll talk more about that study a little later on, but for now I’m tired and happy and in less pain…all in all it’s been a great month. Here’s looking at you May…bring it on.

~rev (430 Pounds)


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