Four Oh Nothing…

Posted on Tuesday, June 25th, 2013 at 8:40 am

That’s right. This morning I weighed in at 396 (See what I did there?) so now down 159 pounds I’ve left the 400s behind and hopefully soon the 300’s will follow suit. So what does that amount of weight loss translate into terms of size? Well I’ve lost somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 inches off my waist line and my belt that was too small for me is now about to have its 3rd new hold added to keep up with me.

While I have slowed down substantially in the weight loss department it is still moving in the right direction though not everything is. It turns out I have a slight tear in my Achilles Tendon (sp) because my 2 miles a day was maybe a little too much so for now I’m taking it easy and icing it down till my doctor lets me know what I can do to fix the issue. Also I’m not stopping all exercise, just not pushing off so much so for now I’ll just have to be careful.

P1010338In other news I baked salmon for the first time since surgery and thankfully I still liked it, because you never know how you will react to some foods. This particular salmon wasn’t that great (quality) but was good enough to enjoy. The only problem is with my restrictive intake it will take a few days to finish the smallest salmon steak I could even find. I hope the leftovers as also good because you never know.


~rev (396 Pounds)


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