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Worn out, but organized…ish

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Yesterday was a busy day and an exhausting one at that. But I managed to get all the tools organized in my garage and even though I still have quite a bit to do it was a rather big accomplishment. I had a friend come over last night to help me put a table together but other than that and a little minor lifting (of a tool box) I managed to do the rest myself and I’m sore as hell today.

I got my air compressor hooked back up and put air in the tires of my hand truck and my bike, which I’m hoping to start riding very soon. I also got my DeWALT battery chargers hooked up (less the one I lent out to a friend with one of my saws) which will come in handy as I start doing more household repairs again. The first on my list is replacing a couple doorknobs and then I need to try and tackle replacing the mailbox out front. My I had planned on replacing the knobs today but I’m pretty sore still so I’m going to push it off till next weekend.

P1010298I still have a ton of work to do, but it’s nice to be able to start doing it again. I also have to finish setting up my electric drums upstairs over the garage and start playing again a little, and as I mentioned I really want to start riding my bike again so I’m thinking in maybe 2 or 3 more weeks when it’s a little nicer outside and I’ve lost a few more pounds I’m going to throw the rack on the back of my truck and take the bike to one of the local parks and ride for a little while just to see how it goes, and hopefully I’ll be able to do that more and more as the days go on.

My one month checkup (from surgery) is this week so I’ll be in Nashville Tuesday and Wednesday for the follow-ups and a group session. This will really be the first time I’ve driven that kind of distance in a rather long time so it will be both an interesting and hopefully positive experience. But for now I need to finish my second load of laundry and decided if I’m going to the grocery store today or tomorrow. Then I’m just going to sit back (or lay back as it were) and watch a little TV tonight and try to relax because I’m sore, but it’s the good kind of sore from a days work and that’s just something I’ve not really done in a long time. Enjoy the day people I know I am.


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