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Sleep apnea issues and household chores…

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I like many obese people in the world suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, one of the things I will hopefully be cured of when I lose all my excess weight, but for now I use an Oxygen Concentrator (4L) and a BiPAP Machine to help me sleep through the night.

So last night my BiPAP decided to die on me and needless to say this resulted in a horrible night’s sleep. I have an appointment with the company who services my stuff but since I own this unit I’ll likely either need to pay the service call fee or submit for a new unit through my insurance company.

On a positive not however I’m down to 432 pounds which means since surgery I’ve lose 36 pounds bringing my total weight loss (pre surgery included) to 110 pounds. I still have a long way to go, but I’m feeling great overall and this is a hell of a jump start on my excess weight loss. IMG_1341

And speaking of feeling great overall, I found myself starting to do more and more simple household chores and projects. For example, just last night I replace my home thermostat with a Nest Second Generation Wi-Fi enabled one, which took me around an hour or so, between going back and forth to the breaker box and documenting and removing the old unit then installing the new one, and even though in the end my sciatica did flair up just a bit causing my right leg to go a little numb I was able to deal with the whole thing without sitting once. And that was all after I replaced the guest bathroom shower head with one I purchased months ago but haven’t had the inkling to get it done until now.

I did however forget to drink during that hour so I got a little dehydrated, but I managed to rehydrate with little effort. So tonight I plan to replace the door knobs (2 of them) that have been giving me trouble and take a look at why my office door doesn’t shut properly. It’s really nice to be able to start doing things like this again.


~rev (432 Pounds)